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2009-Nov-10, 07:40 PM
br clear= "all"> The English language continually evolves. Just see Ambrose Bierce's definition of dictionary. New concepts call for new words that often evolve from a new dictum. Astronomy has made its fair share of contributions to this cause. But, Daniel Hudon's book "The Bluffer's Guide to: The Cosmos" belies such augmentations. Within, the language [...]

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2009-Nov-11, 07:29 PM
Fraser. I'm thinking of writing a book myself. Having handled thousands of bags of manure at the garden center over the years, I've had enough of that. It's going to be called "The Marshmallow Fluffers Guide to the Universe." No manure allowed. I've got a few questions to ask of the Bluffer's authors.

1. Where can I gets me sum o' dat inflationary spacetime dey all's talks aboud? Da hardware storr in downtown Holliston done hav none fer sale, and de guy at da desk looked at me reel funny when I asked him bout it.:shifty:

2. Where can I gets me sum o' dat dark matter dey alls talks aboud? Dey gots a picher of it here in da forum even do it don't show up in no pichers anywheres else (which is kinda odd, but maybe da photographer is special). Da guy at da hardware storr looked even stranger whens I axed him bout dat, too (and he was a-dialin the funny farm on da side, wit da guys wid da liddle white coats and da big net dey gets ya which.).:shifty::shifty:

3. Where cans I gets me sum o' dat dark energy. I wants to use it in my light bulbs so the light won be wasted sneaking out da windows to da street, like it always does wit my reglar lamps. Da girl at da hardware store had to field dis question, and she dunn looked at me just as strange as da guy. Ya see when a kid asks me about chemicals, or physics, I walk across the hall to the stockroom and show them, or give them a copy of a science catalogue which actually has the real objects in it for oder (da hardware store does that too).:shifty::shifty::shifty:

thanks, pete