View Full Version : Brandeis or Drexel University Physics and Astronomy

2004-Feb-13, 04:32 PM
Well, I guess this is General Astronomy, since that is what I hope to be doing.

I've applied to a pile (gaggle? flock? cluster? condensate?) of graduate schools in physics and astronomy, and so far I've heard back from one: Brandeis. I hope to visit during March, but I was wondering if someone here knows anything about their physics department.

I'm interested in cosmology and large scale structure, and they do have such a research group. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks much!

2004-Feb-26, 04:45 AM

I've updated the title, as I've now been accepted into Drexel University in Philadelphia as well. Someone I work with got his EE degree there 25 years ago, so that's at least one data point, but any if anyone else here knows about either of their graduate physics programs, I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!