View Full Version : Astronomers Find Type Ia Supernova Just Waiting to Happen

2009-Nov-17, 03:20 PM
Type Ia supernovae are a mystery because no one can predict when or where one might occur. But astronomers are hedging their bets on V445 Puppis. A so-called "vampire white dwarf" that underwent a nova outburst after gulping down part of its companionís matter in 2000, now, it appears this double star system [...]

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2009-Nov-17, 04:18 PM
Hah, one newspaper in the Netherlands reports on this with 3 short paragraphs, managing to mangle this story with the discovery of a .1a (dot one a) supernova, saying that the supernova happened in november 2000 but can only be seen now since the star is 25,000 light years away, and stating that the video is of a supernova explosion. Oh my.

2009-Nov-20, 08:26 PM
It probably has ejected too much material as a low grade nova.