View Full Version : First chair (almost) in space!

2009-Nov-20, 10:44 PM
I thought this was pretty cool. I hope the commercial will be shown in the US.


2009-Nov-21, 07:50 AM
Well,they were real chairs, though made of balsa wood and weighing under four pounds each. The only question is, what they could reasonably be expected to support?

I think that the average conspiracy theory discussed at this forum could rest at ease and comfort in such a chair.

Perhaps the theorists themselves, seeing their theories reposing so quietly. could be convinced to give the chairs a try themselves. We can encourage them by saying that the view from the edge of space will give them a perfect opportunity to refute NASA's tissue of lies. We can give them X-ray specs (http://www.thingsyouneverknew.com/product/code/27685.do?showPrevNext=false), so that they can "view the Van Allen Belt at first hand," and propeller beanies (http://www.mcphee.com/shop/pages/Levitating-Propeller-Beanie.html) "to ensure a gradual descent."

And when they sit down in the chairs with a splintering crash, and watch bemused as the freed balloons, with dangling chunks of balsa, sail off into the sky...

Ah, what a Youtube video that would make. %?)