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2009-Nov-24, 08:50 PM
You might know the name "Hubble" because of the Hubble Space Telescope. But this phenomenal observatory was named after one of the most influential astronomers in modern history. Hubble discovered that galaxies are speeding away from us in all directions, leading to our current understanding of an expanding Universe. Let's learn about the man behind the telescope.http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/astronomycast/~4/jR97l1-OTUw

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2009-Nov-26, 04:14 AM

I noticed the latest podcast was about Edwin Hubble.

I look forward to listening to this. Does this mean you are going to be doing a series on famous astronomer past and present as I suggested?

I hope so. It will be great to find out more about the people that have bought these discoveries to us and changed the way we see the universe


2009-Nov-26, 05:32 PM
Actually when I think of an archetypical astronomer I think of Sir Patrick Moore

2009-Nov-26, 05:41 PM
I would totally agree, however I am not sure what his 'reach' has been outside of the UK

Lord Jubjub
2009-Nov-26, 10:24 PM
hmm. . .that podcast had a dearth of dates. A few references to the 1920s was all I heard.

You could have at least given a birthdate!

2009-Nov-27, 02:54 AM
Edwin Powell Hubble is one of my heroes, along with George Ellery Hale.