View Full Version : Irrefutable test of water in the Moon.

2009-Nov-27, 04:53 PM
I received this photo anonymously, I suppose it is made by Scott, submerged until the waist in the lake, fact that the undulation of the water explains.


I really do not know the author, but he or she, is brilliant.
Many greetings.

2009-Nov-27, 05:13 PM
Itīs fake! You canīt see the lakeīs reflection on Irwinīs helmet visor. :p

We Bautians are not easily fooled.:naughty:


2009-Nov-27, 11:03 PM
From Image Properties:
Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows:rolleyes:

2009-Nov-27, 11:26 PM
Most likely a water pipe broke at the film studio.

2009-Nov-28, 04:50 AM
- "Huston we have a problem."
+ "A problem?"
- "Yes, we were taking those core samples, and..."
+ "And what?"
- "Turns out the moon is a giant water balloon, and now it is leaking..."
+ "#@*^, That's why you were supposed to go up on top of the mountain...
- "Oh... I forgot"
+ "Where do you suppose we will get the money to cover this up, huh? First it was the stupid bet about cutting the Wan Allen belt, So we had to start that restitching project, then we had to buy that pen from the man in the moon to get Apollo 11 back, and Apollo 12's new chutes after someone decided to play a practical joke and detonate those bolts. Then Apollo 13 landed in Kaguya's #="#*Ī"" flower garden, Apollo 14 had that "incident" with the rabbit who got flattened by that golf fanatic's ball, we are still paying for that, and now you have punctured the moon... What now? Those lunarians are going to kick up no end of trouble over this..."

And that is pretty much the story behind the picture....

Luckily the Man came along with a Moon patching kit, for only 5203300 Lunatics, NASA wasn't completely convinced, but when they heard it included a set of Chang'e figurines and a whole wheel of moon cheese, they bought it, and so the moon got patched. Of course, the 30 year quarantine imposed on manned moon landings by the Lunarians after the Apollo 17 thing is soon over, but I suppose the impression we have made on them haven't been too good...