View Full Version : Creation of virtual particles in a relativistic gradient.

2009-Dec-01, 10:25 PM
Would the likeliness of virtual particles being created be lesser ( or greater ) near a gravitational source due to relativity as noted from an external observer.

Take this example ... two observers A and B A is hovering just outside the EH of a black hole B is 1 light year away outside of the relativistic effects of the BH.

Observer A holds out a box that is 1meter cubed outside of his spaceship. When B views that box it does not appear to be 1 meter but much smaller. Observer B has a 1 meter cubed box also. His box appears to be much bigger from his viewpoint.

So if we assume that virtual particles have an equal chance of being created anywhere can we say that from ** perspective he will have a better chance that a virtual particle will be created in his box than in A's box?

Wouldnt the time dilation at A also make it appear that there are less Virtual Particles being created?