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2009-Dec-06, 02:55 PM

You can check my project at: http://larryo.org/work/information/unimap/index.html

I started a project on my own sometime ago mainly to do the automated detection and catalog matching (even in low quality/amateur imaging). Meanwhile I added other futures such as to show asteroids or artificial earth satellites passing through at the time the picture was taken, image tagging, instruments control, resource management, online collaboration etc.

I am almost ready to release it in a pre-alpha version, however I need some help to test it as well as to see how it behaves in different environments (I implemented it on windows xp). Also, there is still work to be done to improve the user interface and optimize the performace.

Any feedback will be appreciated!


2009-Dec-07, 05:03 PM
I forgot to mention that I wrote the code in c++/wxwidgets (so it can be compiled on other platforms such as liux/mac/etc) so if anyone is interested in a linux release please let me know so I will attempt to create a release for that as well. Most functionality will work except for the digital cameras interface which is for the moment is windows only.


2009-Dec-07, 10:51 PM
I had a quick look at your site, and it looks impressive to me! Then again I'm easily impressed :)

Perhaps this thread is better suited for the "Astrophotography" and/or "Astronomical Observing, Equipment and Accessories" subsections of BAUT, perhaps with a more descriptive thread title. Maybe you can suggest a better title, and a moderator might move this? It might give you some more interested readers.

ETA: Oh... and a VERY belated welcome to BAUT! Six years.. where are our manners! :)

2009-Dec-08, 01:22 AM

Yes, maybe this will be better fitted in the astrophotography section ... I wasn't sure since apart from the plate solving engine it also has a lots of other module which will apply to other sections - well at least that is what I thought.
But then again you could say that as a whole it revolves around(or in the aid of) astrophotography so if the moderator thinks that this is best suited then it should be moved there.

As for the title maybe this will be more to the point: Unimap project - help needed to test


John Jaksich
2009-Dec-08, 01:56 AM
It seems very impressive to me. Good luck with yoiur endeavor.