View Full Version : Peter'sCreek! I Found A New Use For Good Gin!

2009-Dec-07, 01:58 AM
By accident. Yesterday morning.

After I was done swearing, then laughing, I thought about you and I think you might find this funny as well.

I've mentioned the LAN wars we have at my place? Well since it came out we've been doing a marathon session of Left 4 dead 2. (I'm "coach") Well my brother was making martini's with Bombay Saffire and Martini and Rossi Vermouth. As everybody was exclaiming how good it was I allowed myself one and it was spot on perfect.

So my friends and I shoot zombies into the wee hours of the morning and even though I was up fairly late I still woke up at six. So I got up to survey the damage and was kind of annoyed that they cluttered up not only the kitchen counter and stove top, but also pulled down the door to the waist high oven and used it as a side board to mix drinks on. I needed to clear it off so I could shut the door for some working room.

So while kind of P.O.'ed I grabbed the shaker thinking it was empty and surprise! Surprise! It was half full! A round I wasn't aware of! Well since I only had it by the top, the bottom came away and hit the floor, causing the ice cold contents to douse me from knees to sternum, while wearing thin pajamas, still warm from my quilted bed.

I said bad words.

Well, before stripping down and heading for the shower I cleaned up the mess on the floor and while doing so started to think, "Hmmm this smells kind of nice!" Then realized I was beginning to get a buzz! Not huge, but definately there! And I was curiously refreshed!

Don't the Danes do that with saunas and aquavit?

Well it seems to work.

2009-Dec-07, 02:29 AM
'air of the dog! :lol:

Good to see you back, BD!

Eta C
2009-Dec-07, 02:38 AM
Ahhh, Bombay Saphire. My favorite gin as well. Although I must admit that spillingit into the oven strikes close to alchohol abuse (or should that be abuse of alchohol.) My father in law introduced me to aquavit, although using it as a bath gel was not part of the equation, thankfully.

2009-Dec-07, 03:15 AM
Damn you Big Don! Two things . . . First: I just bought some Ketel One to make martinis with. Awesome. I just had a few tongiht. Then I got lazy and switched to screwdrivers, as it's easier to just eyeball vodka and OJ than it is to measure out the perfect amount of Vermuth, Vodka, and olive brine (I like my martinis dirty).

Anyway, so you have me beat in the martini area.

Second: I've been dying to buy an xbox 360. And the game I want to get when I do is L4D2. (I can't get it for PC because my desktop is out of commision and the laptop won't run it). I want to play soo bad but I have to get the x-mas shopping out of the way before I can spend money on a new system.

Blast! I wish I was closer. I'd make you invite me over for a L4D2 Lan party whether you liked it or not. On second thought; I'd prefer you like it. I don't particularly want to be an unwanted guest at your place. I imagine you have some creative ways to take care of pests. :)

2009-Dec-07, 04:09 AM
Faz, I only ever threw a guest out once.

Back in the mid eighties. A party at my apartment. He was the guest of a female nieghbor of mine, invited because she was my neighbor. Started talking politics with him and it got a little "heated". Turned out he was a colonel in the Sandinistas, in the country illegally. Talked smack about President Reagan. I'm a life long Democrat and I still got mad, the smack was that thick.

When we were standing, shouting at each other with clenched fists from half a foot away that part of my brain that calmly tells me that cool shark I'm looking at while snorkling is still a SHARK! sort of mentioned this man just *might* be dangeous.

And believe it or not, I suddenly shifted gears and counting on him actually being an officer. I straighted up and formily asked him to leave my house. Total bluff and it worked. He shook his fist and left and I never saw him again.

If your not that, I think you'll fit.

2009-Dec-07, 04:11 AM
Well, the other thing that might help is that I've been playing computer games since I was like 10 . . . but I'm not *good* at anything. So I don't *suck* enoguh to be an wimpy easy kill, but wouldn't be good enough to cause much trouble either. 'Fodder' is probably an apt description. :)

2009-Dec-07, 04:13 AM
Oh Faz, we're downloading Borderlands now.

2009-Dec-07, 04:17 AM
Oh, just because I have nothing else to do, I'll disclaim that my bad trait is I'm a drinker. Not that I'm a drunk (I am, but that can be fun, right?). But that I'll drink you dry.

Not that I'm saying I'd out do you or anyone else shot-for-shot. I'd be under the table after like three. But once I start, I go all night. Slow and steady, and don't sleep until every bottle is dry. Like, turn them into a salt shaker with no clumping dry. Slow and steady has always worked for me.

Anyway, sounds like you had fun. We haven't had a 'LAN Party' for years. We keep wanting to, but all my friends have babies and wives and husbands and such and it just never happens. We always end up playing counter-strike all night.

2009-Dec-07, 04:20 AM
Oh Faz, we're downloading Borderlands now.
Blast! That's another I'm interested in; particularly since I'm in need of an MMO *AND* I'm currently reading McCormic's 'The Road'.

2009-Dec-07, 04:21 AM
Well, wait until you're all in your late fourties and single again. You'll have time then. Nothing but.

2009-Dec-07, 11:05 PM
Oh Faz, we're downloading Borderlands now.

Good game. Keep you busy for a few days, then you can play it again.

2009-Dec-07, 11:26 PM
Gin: Not for the other use.

Good to see you around, BD; fellow gin-lover here. :)

mike alexander
2009-Dec-08, 01:37 AM
Gin is like religion; the nearer you get to the end, the better it tastes.