View Full Version : Hoping some of you could help me with touching up my art in Gimp 2

Ross PK81
2009-Dec-07, 02:49 PM
Hey guys.

I have scanned in a drawing, but the way the scan has turned out, the picture on the other side of the paper shows through quite a bit, causing 'dark areas' and dark lines.


Getting rid of it where the paper is white was easy, by just filling it in with white, but where I've coloured it in with red pencil it's a lot harder if I don't want it to end up being just a flat red and would like to keep the texture.

Anyone know of a way?

Also, just being able to brighten up the red in general since it is quite a dark and dirty looking red, would also be cool.


2009-Dec-07, 02:57 PM
Try not working with the fill tool but instead adjusting the levels or curves for both matters.


2009-Dec-09, 04:43 AM
Try rescanning it with a piece of black paper over it.