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2009-Dec-14, 05:39 PM
I'm going to have to recite this poem 6:00 tonight in front of a live audience. I'm really really really really really nervous.

Then I'll be staying on campus at the library all night long to study for my final exam in Chinese. I'm still nervous.

This poem is open to later revision, I just wrote it so it's a little too fresh to be "done".

If you want to share your own poetry in this thread, that's fine by me. This is not just "my" thread. :)


All is quiet
There is nothing
There is no time
There is no sound
There is no light

Then the surge comes
A tidal wave of energy
A wave of time
The cosmic ocean empties itself
Into the void

Time passes...

Hydrogen and Helium
The basic building blocks
Matter converges
Matter convulses
Matter ignites

The stars are born
The stars will die

Fire and water and earth and air
Ice and rock and all that is primal
Yellow, Crimson, and Turquoise dancers
Circling and colliding in grace and beauty
With no one alive to see it

Gas begat flame
Flame begat earth
Earth begat life
The universe keeps on moving
The Milky Way keeps on spinning

The waters of the cosmic ocean
Boil and bubble and burst
The waters of Earth's ocean
Floods and forms and turns
Life begins within its depths

It changes, forms, devours and breeds
Legs and lungs emerge
And life crawls out of its pit
Looks to the sky
Sees the light of distant ancestors

It thinks:
I am home

2009-Dec-14, 06:57 PM
I like it :)

As a corporate trainer who stands in front of people for 40 hours a week, I'm trying to think of some pearls of wisdom to help you tonight... but I can't think of much LOL

Except to say that they are there to listen to YOU. This is your chance to shine. Give them something to talk about. Maybe I'm just an attention seeker in general, but I tend to think that this is one time when people actually listen to me LOL So I try to make it as interesting for them as I can.

So don't worry about anything else. Allow yourself to be immersed in the moment, to enjoy it for what it is - your chance to inspire and to BE inspired by the whole experience :)

2009-Dec-14, 06:59 PM

That's surprisingly good advice, actually.

2009-Dec-14, 07:01 PM
Forgot to say... GOOD LUCK!!!

2009-Dec-14, 09:37 PM
How did it go?

2009-Dec-14, 09:45 PM
It's 3:45 PM right now (Central). It hasn't even happened yet. :)

2009-Dec-14, 09:49 PM
That was just in advance. I need to check the dates more often. Cholesterol.

2009-Dec-14, 11:10 PM
That's a great poem. I do some poetry, but it's not that good...


I stood at the edge of my lawn.
Near the evergreens, by the fence.
A few clouds floated on the horizon.

The gibbous moon hung
In the darkening sky.
Soon, the sun would disappear.

Because the Earth was turning.
Spinning to the east.
Spinning into the night.
As Australia spun into the day.

The Earth is ever-spinning on its axis.
(Like a top)

And the Moon is spinning ’round the Earth.

And the Earth is spinning ’round the Sun.

And the Sun is slowly spinning ’round the Galactic Core.
(Where the black hole lurks)

And our Galaxy itself is slowly spinning towards Andromeda.

And so, I took off running across the lawn.
For if I’m always spinning-
Why stand still?

2009-Dec-15, 01:45 AM
That was just in advance. I need to check the dates more often. Cholesterol.

No, I kind of got that before I even logged on.

"Oh wait. He kind of assumed that I would only see the reply when I got back, as I SHOULD be busy preparing now!" Which I wasn't. 'Cause I procrastinate.

I recited my poem in front of the audience. It was very small; only a few extra people besides the class showed up. It wasn't in front of a microphone, and was a much more informal setting, just a larger classroom that felt more like a small insular cafe than a recital hall.

It was damn cold when I went up to read it, so I was shivering a bit towards the middle. I suppose it made it sound like I was scared. I picked up some voice, but I sure didn't sound like the people that were using hip hop/Slam Poetry styles.

Got back a bunch of assignments in one day. From the looks of it, I'm making straight A's in this class, so I can assume that my final grade will be an A. Woo!

2009-Dec-15, 06:37 PM
Good job, SL! :)

2009-Dec-16, 12:00 AM
Yes, congrats!

2009-Dec-16, 01:25 AM
Thanks. :)

2009-Dec-16, 04:34 AM
Here's the limit of my poetic talent:

Right after man walked on the moon
There just had to be some buffoon
Who'd sell books that deny it
For the suckers who'll buy it.
I don't suppose it will end soon.

2009-Dec-16, 05:28 AM
Haha, I love limericks. That was great.