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2004-Feb-22, 02:39 AM
Where can I go to find out the predicted opposition dates for all the planets?

2004-Feb-22, 07:23 AM
I'm sure there are others, but if you go to Heavens Above (http://www.heavens-above.com/) and either register for a (free) account or enter through one of their other "guest" options, from the main page, hit the Planet Summary Data link, and you will be presented with a table giving a great many current details about the planets, including Oppositions.

2004-Feb-22, 08:55 AM
No oppositions for Mercury and Venus because there's no such thing...

Mars: 07 Nov 2005
Jupiter: 03 Mar 2004
Saturn: 21 Sep 2004
Uranus: 27 Aug 2004
Neptune: 05 Aug 2004
Pluto: 11 Jun 2004