View Full Version : Is there a playstation tech in the house?

2009-Dec-21, 06:40 PM
The gf's brother has a PS3 that sort of died. Step one is to get it into safe mode, but we can't seem to do that. I'm following the instruction on the playstation site, but it's not working. Anyone know if there is a trick to it?

2009-Dec-21, 07:36 PM
What is the problem with the PS3? No Picture, not booting, boot errors?

2009-Dec-21, 07:39 PM
Just told this:

When you power on you touch the power button. If you continue holding it for 5 seconds it re-sets the video output to factory,it will beep once. If you continue holding it for 10 seconds you will get an additional beep and it will boot to safe mode.

2009-Dec-21, 08:13 PM
The error message we get says the file format is corrupt. it loads up part way and gives us that message and tells us that it needs to restore the hard drive. This gets to 20%, then stalls for about 30 seconds. Then it shoots through to the end, gives us a blank screen, and has to be powered down from the back.

Holding the power button down is supposed to activate safe mode, but there's a catch. It has to be version 2.60 or later. That version was released in Jan-09, and He's never upgraded the OS since he's had it. He got it just under a year ago, so I'm betting it doesn't have the safe mode from power button option.

So, new question. Is there a way to do a software update if no menus are available?

2009-Dec-21, 08:58 PM
less than a year old? That means warranty. I'd use the warranty if I were you.

2009-Dec-21, 09:08 PM
Sony is really picky about the warranty- if you don't have the original store receipt and have not registered it with them as the original purchaser, then you are SOL as far as getting it fixed under warranty. the same thing happened to my brother- it went all wonky and he called the Sony tech hotline or whatever it's called. they told him to get the original receipt and call them back. neither he nor his wife could find the receipt, but they called back anyways. they said "too bad, you are just a single individual and we don't care about you" or something like that. so they went to Target where they bought it on their Target card. they found a record of the purchase, but couldn't print out a duplicate receipt due to some stupid store policy.
Sony said they could still fix it, but it would cost something like $200 plus shipping there and back.
a month later, a power surge took out a bunch of my brother's electronic stuff. for some reason, their rental insurance policy covered the PS3 and they got a new and better one for free.

2009-Dec-21, 09:14 PM
less than a year old?
Given that the firmware update was released in Jan of '09 and this PS3 has an older firmware, I'm guessing it's more than a year old.

My research indicates that 2.6 didn't merely add the option of entering Safe Mode by holding the power button, but actually added Safe Mode - it doesn't appear that it exists on older versions.

Tog_, check out this thread (http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=techcentral&thread.id=13834&view=by_date_ascending&page=2) on the Playstation website (specifically, the third post there on page 2). Looks like you might be able to fix it with a Seagate drive tool if you've got a PC you can attach the PS3's harddrive to.

2009-Dec-21, 09:42 PM
might be the drive itself is corrupted.
You can pop in a new one, and it'll install itself to the drive, or you can hook the drive up to another computer.
Not tried it, but you should be able to run a drive check on it.