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2010-Jan-01, 10:54 PM
Howdy!!! Got a question, and since I am not into astronomy, and am merely a fella with a camera, then I s'pose I have no background (A "prolly should know better" kinda deal!) to be whupped up on here...prolly.


Was on the phone with my sis last night, and she mentioned The Blue Moon...I explained to her what it means, and I told her to go take a looksee, because the MoFo was full blowed FULL last night, and she would see that it really wasn't "blue" at all...

She said she was clouded in, and couldn't see nuthin'...So, I stepped out back (I am at 5500' Elevation), threw my camera up, found the moon in the viewfinder, and snapped a photo. Loaded it up in the 'puter, and by God, when I looked at the photo before sending it off to her, I saw a "blue orb", just 'neath the full moon.

I figgered it was just a smudge of some sort from my system, 'till I blowed it way up...Not sure what it is, and in all honesty, I hadn't noticed it in the viewfinder...but when I went back to my camera, and looked real close at the photo, it was easy enough to see, that it was THERE before loading in my system...

And bein' as how I didn't have nothin' better to do, I got to surfing around to see if someone else maybe had caught it in a photo, at any time, ever....but nope, couldn't find a thing.

I did get a crash course on "The Dog Star" (Sirius), which is known to be referred to as a "blue star", and also learned some on the The Blue Star Kachina (Hopi Indian Lore), which doesn't apply in this instance...yeah?

So, I will put the picture up here and maybe one of you kids knows sumpin' about Sirius, or at the very least, just where it was last night in relation to the full moon, twix't 8 and 9 pm, Pacific...

I really do think I caught Sirius, but I can't figger out just where it shoulda been last night at that time, in this part of the world, relative to the moon's position...Also., you may note that there are no other "stars" showing in that photo...which I kinda think is because the moon is so bright right now. BUT then, how comes the blue thingie shows up so well????

And ya gotta blow the photo up 'till that blue thingie really shows...


2010-Jan-01, 11:50 PM
Thanks for asking. Far too many think these types of internal lens reflections are due to flying saucers or other paranormal events.

A star chart will show where Sirius is. It is far south of the moon's path through the sky.

Note that the center of the moon and the center of the blue object are exactly the same distance above and below the centerline of the image. This is a sure indication of an internal reflection. The fact it is this dim means you have an excellent lens. Most cameras when so over exposing the moon would make a much brighter internal reflection.

To shoot the moon use manual settings as the mostly dark sky will fool nearly all automatic systems. For a full moon start with the same exposure you would use for a bright beach scene at noon. The moon when full is being lit by a noon sun same as the earth so the exposure is about the same. If low in our sky our atmosphere will dim it some so you might need slightly more exposure but this is a good starting point.

You need several seconds to start to pick up stars.


2010-Jan-02, 12:56 AM
Thanks Rick!! Never seen that before with night shots...and I have taken a few of migrating waterfowl going over, on a moonlit night. Learn sumpin' new every dang day!