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2010-Jan-03, 10:15 PM
Okay, so let's imagine you get stuck on a desert island with only one book for company. If you could choose (let's say you brought it onto the plane with you), which book would you have?

It has to be a real book btw - nothing imaginary like "how to get off a desert island with nothing but a packet of peanuts and a small plastic spoon"

2010-Jan-03, 11:37 PM
Practically I suppose a reference work like The Reader's Digest DIY Manual would be useful. Even without a range of tools and materials it would inform many strategies for survival.
In the event of a mild climate and easy pickings, however, I would be tempted to kick back with The Guinness Book of British Hit Sigles.

2010-Jan-03, 11:59 PM
Again, practically, probably the SAS Survival Guide (http://www.amazon.co.uk/SAS-Survival-Guide-Collins-GEM/dp/0004723023).

If that's not what you had in mind, I'd probably go for my trusty book of Icelandic Sagas (http://foliosociety.org.uk/folio/icelandic_sagas.php).

2010-Jan-04, 12:31 AM
Meyer's varelexicon, one of the editions from 1910-30's.

Don't know is there's a English language equivalent, it's an encyclopedia of goods, including descriptions of methods of manufacturing and ways to detect counterfeits, which means it also includes ways to make cheaper alternatives from alternative materials.

2010-Jan-06, 06:30 PM
I didn't know you could still get the Guinness Book of Hit Singles... hmmmm... I'm, not sure what I'd bring...