View Full Version : White holes and the sun

2010-Jan-11, 03:59 AM
I have a very basic question about light holes (based off the theory of relativity (Schwarzschild wormholes)).

Is it plausible for in a collapsed "folded" paper like environment, all matter light and dark matter sucked in by a black hole, exits through a light hole causing a super reactor of sorts, which in turn is our sun? Just a curiosity question.


Jeff Root
2010-Jan-11, 04:26 AM
The existence of the Sun and all the other stars in the Universe is well
explained by ordinary matter-- mostly hydrogen and helium-- being pulled
together by gravity and heated by the collisions, until the hydrogen at the
center of the mass begins to undergo nuclear fusion, releasing energy at
a rate which sustains the star's light output for millions or billions of years.

If a "wormhole" could exist-- which I think is extremely unlikely-- it would
not look anything like the Sun. We can see that the Sun is made primarily
of hydrogen and helium (helium was first discovered by the lines it makes
in the Sun's spectrum), with lots of other elements in small quantities.
Those atoms are held to the Sun by the Sun's gravity. It is a dynamically
stable condition which will change only very slowly over the next four or
five billion years. That isn't anything like a wormhole or white hole.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis