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2010-Jan-16, 02:36 PM
2010 AL30 made a lot of headlines in the past days and the main question was whether it was an asteroid or an artificial object. It was said that some observatories would give an answer but there was none. To quote from Universe Today, January 13th, 2010:
"The folks who are apt to make the determination are those who work with the 70-meter radio dish at Goldstone. I corresponded with Lance Benner from the Goldstone facility, and he said, "We're still working with the data so it's still too early to say."
And from Spaceweather.com:
"Goldstone radar in the Mojave desert was scheduled to ping 2010 AL30 between 2:20 and 4:40 UTC on Jan. 13th. The echoes should reveal the nature of this interesting passerby."
How long do they need to work this out? And why have everybody forgot the initial question after all these headlines?

2010-Jan-16, 05:19 PM
If you want the latest news from some of the actual observers, read the Yahoo Minor Planet Mailing List archives:


If you do, you'll see some posts which indicate that the most recent orbital determinations suggest that this wasn't a rocket, but a piece of space debris.