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2010-Jan-17, 07:48 PM
A wide shot of the western side of the Moon, with craters Copernicus and Kepler in the center of the shot. Taken with the ST-10 and an Ha Filter, stacked in AviStack and processed in PixInsight. This is my first experience with AviStack, and it worked pretty well. Not a typical use, since I stacked 40 FITS files rather than thousands of frames from an AVI.

I did all the sharpening in PixInsight. I created a mask to hide the limb of the Moon from the wavelet processing (it gets a bright edge otherwise), applied both some enhanced A-Trous wavelet and HDR wavelet to the image. I may have pushed the sharpening a bit far as some crater edges are very bright, even though they are not clipped.

My web site has a larger version (http://obsballona.net/coppermine/displayimage.php?pos=-195) with less compression.

2010-Jan-19, 02:22 PM
Very Nice Andy, On a difficult bright area showing nice rays from the craters. Clear Skies.

2010-Jan-28, 06:46 AM
I gotta say that I think you pushed the sharpening way too much. Bold outlines, high contrast, etc. are an indication of this on lunar photos.

2010-Jan-29, 04:54 AM

You are absolutely correct. This is way over-sharpened. The more I look at it now, particularly after calibrating my monitor I see it.

I get really pulled into the sharpening when I first process an image. Character flaw, I suppose.

I think I did a better job with my full disk mosaic:

Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate critical comments because they help me make my images better.