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2010-Jan-19, 10:44 AM
what is your favourite teen film?

well.. i love all american pie sequel...

always give me a good time... :D

what about you?

mike alexander
2010-Jan-19, 04:34 PM

That would be nineteen sixteen.

2010-Jan-19, 05:01 PM
Count Yorga, Vampire

I saw it first as a teen.

2010-Jan-19, 05:19 PM
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

2010-Jan-19, 05:23 PM
I'm not sure what a Teen Movie is. If American Pie and sequels are an example, then I don't think I actually like any!

(Hmm - I do quite like Ferris Bueller's Day Off though)

Nick Theodorakis
2010-Jan-19, 05:31 PM
In my mind, a "teen movie" is like one of those 1980's John Hughes movies: Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, or Breakfast Club.

Until I remember something I like better, I'll go with Ferris...


2010-Jan-19, 05:49 PM
Perhaps one can include others in the "teen movie" genre, such as:
"American Grafitti"
"Fast Times at Ridgemont High"
"War Games"
"Risky Business"
"Napolean Dynamite"
"A Bronx Tale"
"Rocket Science"

2010-Jan-19, 05:53 PM
OP banned as a spammer...but carry on with the topic if you wish.

2010-Jan-19, 07:53 PM
I like Footloose. I'm a Kevin Bacon fan. :)

2010-Jan-19, 07:57 PM
Rebel Without a Cause is an acceptable 'teen movie'.

2010-Jan-19, 09:24 PM
Ernest Goes to Camp is MY favorite teen movie.

. . . what? That's not a teen movie? Okay, you're right. It's more mature than that.

2010-Jan-19, 09:42 PM
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Oh, Yeaaaah.

2010-Jan-20, 05:01 PM
Tough to pick between Ferris Bueller and Fast Times at Ridgmont High as my favorite teen movie so I'll pick Better off Dead instead. The great thing is I was in high school when all of those came out. Ah, the good 'ol 80's...

Click Ticker
2010-Jan-20, 05:30 PM
Tough to top The Breakfast Club for teen movies.

I did like War Games and Red Dawn. Don't know that I would call them teen movies though, just because the main character was younger.

I would define a teen movie as one that not only appeals to a younger audience (back to the future, for example), but is also focusing on the subject of high school life, teen angst, etc.

2010-Jan-20, 08:28 PM
I'm surprised no one has given the nod to Heathers.

2010-Jan-21, 01:40 AM
What, no love for "Porkies"? After all it's success was directly responsible for "A Christmas Story" being made. As a standalone film, I also like "Better Off Dead".


2010-Jan-21, 12:39 PM
I would go with The Breakfast Club and Ferris...I have a big soft-spot for Weird Science as well.

I also have very fond memories of Teen Wolf (starring Michael J. Fox) but a friend recently said it's not as good as I remember it being (having said that, all I can actually remember is the van-surfing scene and an amazing basket-ball shot at the end, so it may just be the nostalgia kicking in).

2010-Jan-21, 02:03 PM
Weird Science

Jeff Root
2010-Jan-21, 02:15 PM
You forgot the doll.


2010-Jan-21, 02:34 PM
Ferris & American Graffiti

Anyone seen an obscure film called Fandango with a young K Costner? Not great overall, but it does have a fantastic example of comic timing in a scene with a broken down car, a fast train, and a long length of steel cable ...