View Full Version : Space shuttle over Switzerland

2010-Jan-22, 07:49 AM
Saw these old photos on the internet. Looked pretty cool...

2010-Jan-22, 03:25 PM
Hey gzhp... ...great captures hanh!...Discovery, as always, looks stunning and majestic. Lovely background too.

A few years ago, (before 9/11-doodaahs), I was on an inter-continental flight...when I was in the cockpit (somewhere farther east)...the pilot asked me why I hadn't come over, when we were flying over Switzerland (to more appreciate the 3d effects)...(well I had asked earlier, but the cabin crew were busy and forgot...). It's just awesome to be in a 747 cockpit :D and...excuse drooling...

Nice link...thanks for sharing.

2010-Jan-23, 01:47 AM
Yes, those are so great and clear.