View Full Version : How would the Moons creation

2010-Jan-22, 10:29 PM
How would the moons creation (big impact theory) have affected the earths orbit?

Generally it is said that something the size of mars impacted the earth. I wonder how this kind of impact would disturb the earths orbit.

I would have to imagine that the orbit was affected but by how much? It seems our orbit now is pretty standard.

Jeff Root
2010-Jan-23, 01:23 AM
The two planets which collided were already in fairly similar orbits -- maybe
very similar -- so the impact wouldn't change the resulting orbit dramatically.
All the planets would have been involved in similar impacts, but in no other
case did an impact result in a moon that had a large enough orbit to hang
around for billions of years. Most impacts would throw material up great
distances, but what didn't immediately fall down again would escape -- only
to fall down again years or millennia later when their paths intersect.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis