View Full Version : Mars viewing this week, 1/25 - 1/29/10

2010-Jan-27, 03:05 PM
I saw Mars last night, it was excellent viewing.


Another excellent opportunity occurs Friday...

For visual observers, the best display comes on Friday, Jan. 29th, when the full Moon and Mars converge for a floodlamp-bright conjunction. On that night, Mars will be at opposition—i.e., directly opposite the sun. It will rise alongside the Moon at sunset and soar overhead at midnight, never straying more than about 6o from the first full Moon of 2010. (Note: Contrary to "Mars Hoax" emails, Mars will not be as wide as the full Moon. To the unaided eye, Mars will resemble a bright orange star.)

I hope we get some photos posted here on BAUT. :)