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  1. hey goes it? are you well?
    have been watching the moon rise? the sun rise? the constellations rise?
    the bread rise?
  2. hey toothdust...thanks for the link. interesting site. very interesting. i shall go back and visit.

    also thanks for the floury advise. i am not specific about unbleached flour...just that my baby prefers stuff made with it.
    and i love its texture, also when handling it / kneading it.( ..oh nigella lawson...what have you's out now..).
    i like to bake a challah, using this flour, specifically.

    otherwise, use regular wheatgerm/wholemeal mixtures/strong whites/browns...mixed with chopped olives..yum yum..

    knock on wood, i do not know any one or a child with gluten allergy. i shall bear in mind about alternatives though, just in case. thanks for that, toothdust.

    you have a Happy Christmas and celebration
  3. Hey Mahesh!

    To answer your questions:

    The artist of my avatar is Alex Grey, titled "Wonder". Here is a link to a larger picture.

    Secondly, try going to a food co-op or natural/organics foods store to get some unbleached flour. Otherwise whole wheat flour isn't bleached, and you can get non-bleached white flour if thats you taste preference (though I recommend whole wheat-much better for ya!)

    You would be surprised at how many different grain flours there are: Wheat, spelt, amaranth, barley, buckwheat, rye, tapioca, bean, nut, rice, etc. All types of flour require specific mixing, raising, and baking conditions, so do your homework! They can all be quite rewarding to cook with though, especially if you (or someone you know) has a gluten allergy, then tapioca, bean, rice, etc. are all good replacements.

    Hope this helps!
  4. hey toothdust...i've been meaning to ask you about your there a larger version one can / i can look at? i can't seem to click it / at it ...nothing happens...looks interesting...shades of space odyssey 2001

    fresh sunrise...aah! lubbly jubbly!

    speaking of baking...i've been trying to locate some unbleached fluor, no results this could easily buy some before...not nowadays...shame...hey but that's no excuse for me not to bake some bread...rolls and whatever shapes the babies want to do ....
  5. hey toothdust, there you are.
    so...what kind of stuff do you bake?
    does it entail rising (no pun intended) before the Sun does?
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