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  1. salty...i haven't yet had a chance to go read the posts yet. looking forward to it...soon...
  2. Just a tardy thanks , for your support on the burned witch thread.
  3. Salty hi

    Mak was a popular and well-liked bautzen. what am i saying. it sounds so dull!

    let me put it another way.

    Mak was a friend, a good friend. To many of us here.
  4. Hi, Mahesh, my condolonces on the loss of your friend, Mak.

    Thanks for the invite to your thread in 'Fun & Games'. I'll go check it out. Good to hear from you.
  5. Hello Mr Salty!

    hmmm sounds like a take on Mr Fawlty and eternally harrassed but cool Manuel!
    do you know of them? Fawlty Towers, sea-side (?) hotel...? ask me if you don't,
    i could expand for you.

    thanks for coming around. and please do not worry about any delays. i suspect you have rushed around enough, fast enough, on call, to any one's whims..etc etc. for long enough... weren't you in the armed forces? well sir, you do not have to rush for me.

    besides the only time one needs to rush around, here, is during eclipses and such wondrous events, which tend to last all of nano seconds, as it were.

    about your story thread, sir, i must confess to you, that i haven't had a chance to look at it...i am aware of it and intend to go/come visit, soon.

    i recently related a rather memorable event that happened. a report (at # 993) is filed in the fun & games section, under foreign place names thread.

    it's about a bunch of ET's crash landing on Earth! I was there with them! What an amazing flying experience....that's also, one of the reasons my head hurts badly. and i would like to take a rain-check on filing of such matters for a while.

    it may sound strange, the dialect is strange, because they are from out there, but we should be glad, 'their' speech form is pretty similar to 'ours'.

    it was chrissy's idea to have a thread using geographical names for conversation amongst's been a hoot! as you can / already may have seen! we just build on it, some times with context, some times without.

    I had originally intended to file it in April, perhaps, first, but didn't. kick kick.
    then in the following three months did not either. i could really kick myself. then things happened. and one of our dear friends Mak, he passed away. in a way would have made Mak chuckle a bit, if nothing else, but he never saw it. didn't feel like doing anything at BAUT for ages. i don't think a whole bunch of us filed anything for some time. too hurt and sad.

    anyway it was not an appropriate time, in my opinion, to file it until the elections day, so that's when i filed it.

    if you find some time, perhaps you'd like to read it Mr Salty. The capital letters, all represent geographical names. of places on earth. i hope that i haven't made too many typo's.

    or you could click on my profile (I would like to expand and perhaps refine it. may be not. have to think of something else) you'll find it with a photograph of JFK in Berlin...1963. well if you would be so inclined, you could leave a comment....
    i noticed the other day, that thread has had one thousand posts and seven point three thou, area for BAUTZENs.

    let it be known that this thread has launched a thousand grins...

    chrissy and all the participants are proud of this child-like and silly achievement, as i am, most of all.

    take care Mr Salty
  6. Sorry it took me so long, to get back to you. I couldn't remember where your message was. Still learning to navigate my control panel.

    Thanks for your welcome. I enjoy your posts, when you do.

    Do you have a good story, to add to my Tall Tales thread?
  7. Welcome to BAUT, Mr Salty!
    Have a nice stay and a nice day!
    hope your cold is on the wane and you're feeling better
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