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  1. I cant say i have any special relationship with biology beyond a certain fascination for evolution and abiogenesis. neither do i have much beyond high school level of knowledge about this particular field. I do have great respect however of those who do spend considerable amount of their lives doing science in these fields. I can't think of any other field that has saved as many lives as microbiology has. Besides. where else can one actually observe evolution in real time?

    I feel with you on the color blindness. it's a real bummer when your field of interest is becoming unreachable because of something you have no control over.
  2. Hi Antice...
    Didn't want to derail / hijack the STS 128 thread with our comments about 'thingies'.

    Yes, i am still in love with biology / microbiology. i did study it keenly but being colour blind, it didn't get me very far with identifying the little buggers, grams positives and negatives....i didn't realise until years later that i was colour blind...but felt decidedly stupid when investigating various 'thingies'.

    anyway that's water under the bridge. So being a you like it / them?
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