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  1. I understand perfectly, Rick about not having enough time with having to process all of those images to even consider working on a Web site, especially with all of the cross-referencing of the images that would be entailed. I experienced that with my geology site and it was a nightmare. And, I didn't have to process any images the way you do with your astroimaging. But, it was still an extremely labor intensive and a mind-numbing feat--one which I'm not willing to do anymore. That's why I haven't uploaded anymore images to my site. Of course I write my own HTML, which makes matters that much more difficult, trying to keep straight all of those file extensions in my head.

    I'm just glad that you share your beautiful images with us here in the forum.

    Clear skies,
  2. Web page design is a subject I'm totally ignorant on and one this old dog finds daunting. Due to my collection's eclectic nature I'd really need to incorporate some sort of data base to the design to handle all the cross referencing. Arp galaxy #, NGC # and M# for instance. Trying to keep all that straight now with a database is driving me nuts. Local ISP doesn't provide webspace except at what seems to me very high commercial rates starting at several hundred a month! Yet he finds takers. Not sure how.

    With today's automated imaging I can image all night but processing is still, for me, a time consuming manual job. Thank goodness for clouds once in a while. I've "only" got 68 yet to processes, most Arp galaxies. Best I can do is one a day if nothing else gets in the way. If I could magically snap my fingers and have a web site done I'd love the idea. Though most of my earlier images are in dire need of reprocessing! Need a bit more magic to fix that as well.

  3. I really love your images, Rick. Have you considered starting your own Web site?

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