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  1. Celestial Mechanic - I read your 6 part post re precession and thought maybe you could guide me to a good source concerning precession measurements. It is my understanding from the NASA VLBI website that precession is measured relative to points outside the galaxy, i.e. quasars. This makes good sense for accuracy purposes but I was wondering if there is a reliable source of precession measurements relative to objects within the solar system (such as relative to the moon, Venus, etc.) over a period of years. While I realize that measuring the earth's changing orientation relative to points within the solar system will not have the same precision I am interested in the delta between the average of the two sets of measurements as I thought it might reveal something about the solar system motion around the galaxy. Do you happen to know if any "local" set of measurements exist? And where I can find them? Thank you in advance for any input you can provide.

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