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  1. Thanks for your concern!
  2. Okay, in the latest mutual expression of concern, you asked if I was okay during the Marathon Bombing, so now you Alabama folks please all stay safe with Tropical Storm Karen approaching, okay?
  3. The finish line is about two/three miles from my dorm, that doesn't sound like a lot, but in a city, it is. I was at the Mile 25 marker about 45 mins before the explosions, but even that's a mile (duh) from the finish. I didn't see anything, but I've heard a lot of sirens.
  4. Did any of the bombs go off close to your area?
  5. Things are good so far, but thanks for your concern.
  6. I hope Sandy doesn't give you folks up there too much trouble. Also, In reference to October 4 post, you're one of the poeple who helped me to realize that there are still young people out there are as enthusiastic about space and science and I wasn't alone in my interests.
  7. You're welcome!
  8. So far the most we've gotten was just some rain and humidity. However, thanks for your concern!
  9. How's Alabama holding up with Isaac? I know the Huntsville area isn't very close to the coast ("If you could drive straight up, the space station would be closer than the beach.", as my Space Academy councilor put it.), but call it my way of returning your friendly concern over Irene last year.

    If you haven't been there already, this site has a good bit of retro Space Camp stuff.
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