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  1. Not having turkey? Shock, horror.
  2. We're having baked glazed ham for Thanksgiving. :-)
  3. Would it upset you to know I preferred your old Garnet Night banner? This one is a bit too pink.
  4. Pressie = A present. That absinthe package you were waiting for.
  5. Re: Mars flag. Cool. Shame, but I understand. Maybe you could rustle up a different design?
  6. Got your pressie?
  7. Regarding the Mars flag (inquiry in thread), sorry PraedSt; they're shared images mutually stored and I'd have to get his permission to share. And as he/I are not currently on speaking terms... Thanks for your interest, though. :-)
  8. I've had a look at garnetnight. Very nice. You're a hopeless romantic though Cindy.
  9. Correct use of the pronoun 'I'. Wow.
  10. Where's this blog then? Do I google Nadme?
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