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  1. Yep, its been too many years but god willing I will try to play my guitar. And if you have a sec, how the hell did it get to be 2010 ???
  2. Hey Happy Birthday MB!
    May the drums roll for you, all year round.
    How's your guitar playing coming along?

    The lovely Lyra in the heavens, with the gorgeous Vega...

    Clear skies
  3. hmmm, david icke, interesting....
    name rings a bell, context escapes me. i went, had a look. wouldn't let me in.
  4. No that is actually just one, but the other can be seen as my avatar currently on David Icke's Forum:
  5. hey...masonic...
    is that two critters, sitting under a real low ceiling / holding it / pushing it, vis-a-vis your avatar?
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