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  1. sunny suntrack...a Merry Christmas to you.. and thanks for your pm and link to the 'Saturnian Tilt' thread. i know about this thread of yours. i meant to ask you, what made you link to it? to NASA i mean and that particular piece!. just curious.

    Was it because Efrain Rivera /JAICOA, made that composition?

    the other thing i was asking you about, is your thread of some years ago, about a word game, where one picks up on the one last letter, to continue with the next word. remember that one? when i went looking for it, i realised you have approx. five hundred threads with oyur name on them. that's nothing for you to feel BAD aBAUT, ASTRONOMY-cally speaking.

    cheer up, old chap!
  2. sunny suntrack

    tell me, please. what was it that made you collect and connect the link for saturn, you posted earlier today?
  3. suntrack...i can't believe that you have five hundred threads to your name! :d

    however, did you start a game which went something like ...forming one word from the last/final alphabet of the word composed?...i am not going through twenty pages of your summary to find it...perhaps you could track it for me. and point me with a link. i remember it from a few years ago.

    considering how lazy you are looking at your stuff here, does it mean i would have to wait a looooong time, for your answer?

  4. hi sunny suntrack....your 'face-thingie' that about physiognomy?

    and why can't i leave a message there?
  5. aha suntrack...there you are! welcome to the music group!
    yes i agree, Flute is a beautiful instrument.
    amazing that an exhalation of one's breath, rightly guided, can create, such 'goose-bumpy' music.

    One of my favourite flute recordings is John Renbourn's rendition of Scarborough Fair! in his gorgeous album The Lady and the Unicorn.
  6. sunil, your thread today, about 'intelligence'? it made me chuckle. you are not serious really, are you?

    look this is your office at BAUT! ok? you have to attend it, some time. to tidy up stuff here. answer your mail etc. don't ignore this room here.
    it may be misconstrued as rude.

    take care man.

    edit: i'll just send you a pm to alert you about pending stuff here.
  7. hi sunil..just popped by to say hello
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