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  1. Has anyone heard from her at all??
  2. Me too pal, seriously . . . I hope she is well, she is so nice. I'm sad.
  3. Drat!!! It is worse than we all thought I fear--our poor little Nadme girl--what to do now?? Oh how I feared this outcome--Alas friends, I fear she has a a a a a LIFE--how could this have happened to one of us--we'll pray for her! Come home little one . . .
  4. Can't find her--maybe an advanced wolf search will be necessary--NADME COME HOME--XX-JOE
  5. I may have to go out and rescue her--obviously some adverse activity is afoot--j
  6. I looked in my room, she's not in there . . .
  7. {strike up The Imperial March?}
  8. The UFOs got Joe Boy?? =:-O
  9. Joe Boy...?
  10. Methinks Joe Boy has left the building.
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