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  1. How ya been? Haven't heard from you in a while.
  2. What, me being honest? That's not interesting at all. Fuzzy might be fun though.
  3. that certainly would be interesting
  4. Perhaps a good time for thinking but not a good time for writing. The drugs make me too honest and fuzzy
  5. Some would say that is the best time to do some thinking.
  6. muhahaha, maybe I'll try that next.
  7. A birdfeeder right outside the window? Why not just tie a mouse to a stick and dangle it in front of the cat?
  8. Ya see, that's why ya gotta have a separate scratch-pad, and something better to do too. I made a little catwalk for the feline that deigns to live here that extends the windowsill. I also have a birdfeeder right outside the window. Keeps her busy and out of trouble.
  9. I'm a good kittie...until no one's looking. Then I scratch the furniture and mark my territory.
  10. Just kidding, I do like cute things and the only cookies I toss are chocolate chip, warm from the oven, and with a little milk if you're a good kitty.
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