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  1. Things were pretty quirky, when last I played. Every time a lock put down a soulwell, my whole computer would lock up. BG's are a bit more interesting. You can take down the casters pretty damn fast but they hit a lot harder and everyone is freaking out about that...well, except for the casters. I don't know what's changed with the dungeons. I was supposed to log on last night and Nal was going to run a few with me but I ended up holding my daughter's hair back, while she puked all night. Damn kids are so selfish. I didn't see any other reply, though, but I also haven't logged on all weekend.
  2. Didn't know if you saw my reply to your message on Cataclysm. I thought I read they just rolled out a big patch that had lots of changes to the game in preparation to the launch; have you been playing? Any neat changes in it yet?
  3. December 7, Cataclysm. What say you?

    lol, I don't know why that makes me giggle.
  5. I might consider it when the expansion comes out. For now, I'm content with my XBox.
  6. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! I reactivated my account last night, on WOW.
  7. It's funny because we are covering governing bodies in SS. I go to great lengths to keep it as pragmatic as possible. I would rather have him come to a conclusion that is so far from what I believe that it is unrecognizable to me, then to have him walking around parroting what I say. He did inform me that his father explained it all to him; "Bill Clinton ruined the country, George Bush made it worse, and now things are so far gone that Obama is pointless." Well, that's it, son, close the books. There's nothing else I need to teach you.
    Science is our (my) favorite subject. I have to pace myself with that, though, because I end up moving too fast and then realizing I lost him pages ago.
  8. Ah! Better idea! I'm not going to consider you so much as a teacher, but rather as a trainer. And your son's not so much learning, as he's leveling up his "Education Skill". Tell him to put more skillpoints in Science, and less in Politics. I hear that's a superior build.
  9. It is quite terrifying. This is one of those things that I can't mess up and say, "oops! better luck next time." Oh, you meant it's scary that I, alone, am shaping another mind. <evil laugh>
  10. So you're a teacher of sorts now, eh? Scary! Sounds like a lot of work but probably for the best, given the last I heard of the situation. Besides, so long as you end each day's lessons by saying, "You just got schooled, yo!" with the obligatory hand gesturing, it's all good.
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