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  1. No worries here, I'm on and off, myself. Enjoy the unclutter and hope to your from you soon
  2. I am fine "Little G". Nice friend huh? Shows up once a year. Nice to hear from you. Miss my old friends. I will have to straighten up my act and become Joe "social" Boy again. Hope you are well pal. When I unclutter my life a bit more I will pm you. Kindest Regards, stay well, respectfully with love--j
  3. Aaahh! Don't sneak up on me like that. How are you ?
  4. BOO!!
  5. Nope, no pics
  6. Heya Joe Boy, glad to see you are becoming a regular again. I never knew Nadme very well so you probably have more contacts than I do. Did you check the missing members thread?
  7. What's up pretty geek--hey, did we ever find out what happened to Nadme?? Do we know her real name or have an e-mail address?? I hope she is OK. I think about her every time I log in--do you think we can find her? Talk to you soon--Joe (nice) Boy
  8. Great, one quick little drop in and you disappear again?
  9. Hey you
  10. Heya JB, glad to hear from you...miss you too : )
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