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  1. Awe, that's too cute! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Hey, good morning CG !
    I was just looking at some online foodstuff for our cat Rooney...and bumped into this:

    It reminded me of you and your (BAUT) squirrel !!!

    Have a lovely day!
  3. You can't have my kittie, it's just about the only one I like
  4. Hey CG!
    How are you? School's up next week. Flynn goes back to his old school (just round the minute away) Monday. How about your kids? eated my cookie!!! beautiful...can i have her...please...
  5. Lol, don't worry, my most advanced camera is basically a supermarket disposable.
  6. thanks CG for coming by and your kind comment!
    i feel that if i had used film, it would have been more fun bracketing / varying the shots.I didn't and still don't know how to control the phone's got 'stacking' function though...i'll test it sometime
  7. Hey Mahesh, those are some awesome sunset pics you got in your album!
  8. Thank you for for popping by closetgeek

    A Merry Christmas to you and yours. ye all....

    It's for the kids, really! Great fun!
  9. you mean the music, the flute, or Scarborough Fair? has to be John Renbourn's though.
    the next track on that one is My Johnny was a shoemaker...for really 'goose-bumpy' notes / sounds..the violin takes it away...
    in fact i remember it right. because i was just checking some thing about Renbourn...
    lo and behold i found this:
    i simply adore this album

    i'll see if i come across any renbourn stuff on you tube, at some point.
  10. Well, it's now Monday, and it's rather peaceful. As for Sunday, ugh! that was making up for weeks of ignoring my overgrown garden. How was your Sunday afternoon?
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