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  1. Well vaxxine, whenever you are able to get here at BAUT...and in this corner of your 'office' ...
    i thought you might like a dash of Old Knopfler & co at the here's
    no vocals...
    think it's about four and half minutes...see ya'

    oh hey he's singin' here....ten minutes...lovely...
  2. good to see you are okay, vaxxine.
    ...the spinning that the one in ealing.
    i see the map...near northfields tube...near the llamma's (har!) park!?!
    i'll email you.

    take care man...
  3. Mahesh, mail me personally..I don't get to visit BAUT as much like yourself...
    I am OK. Sometimes somewhat inebriated too true...
    Two gigs a month booked at The Spinning Wheel, west London..
    any chance you can get there one night?
  4. I just realised that you started a thread last night. How much beer or whatever you were drinking, did you / had you drunk ..... vaxxine. are you okay?

    i'll email you, in case you don't visit BAUT.
  5. vaxxine, are you alright?
    what happened to you, last night? i am worried.
    gimme a shout, if you need
  6. hey...Happy St. David's Day....good leek to you!
  7. hey vaxxine...i was scouring around in astronomy section about the sudanese meteor...and one of the members 01101001, has posted a great link there.
    well, i had a look around and downloaded a sky programme and have scanned it for virus's clean..will install it a bit later...but further look around, revealed a programme...just up your street. about collecting coins . wonder if you have it or something similar, already!

    it's a short one, only 0.83Mb. but scan it before opening, if you are interested. might be of some use to you. make sure you don't download the ad...of spiceworks or specifically on the one underneath...where it says 0.83MB
    if you are interested...otherwise get rid of it all...
  8. nice toy here, vaxxine. dropped by to say hi
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