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  1. Thanks plant, I appreciate the ongoing encouragement! In fact it would be good for me too, to put these views together into some kind of cogent whole. The forum is great for helping me see the kinds of objections people come up with, but they also force a lot of covering the same ground over and over! I am indeed a professional physicist/astronomer, with definite amateur philosopher leanings.
  2. hi,
    have you written that book yet? I'd buy it.... might not understand it but i'd still buy it! You could always just write an essay and publish an ebook/kindle...
    i'd really like to hear your views as a coherent whole rather than distributed through 1000's of posts.... i have to wade through other dubious comments... it's hard to know if they are are from some 13yo in Poland who has just read the wikipedia page(nothing against the Poles!)
    don't mean to pry but are you a physicist? philosopher?.. or is this just a 'hobby'?????
    keep up the good work on the forum-
  3. Thanks Plant, I appreciate the encouragement! I do want to write such a book one day, but more practical matters must come first.
  4. hi Ken-
    when are you going to write a book about all this stuff....
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