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  1. Hey Joe!!!! well I never...
    Hey, how are you? we miss you, you know...i do and many others too.
    as you can tell...isn't that a song or part of or something...

    nice lift-off of Discovery....did you see it?
  2. Not to change the subject, but how have you been M? Hope all is well in your life my friend. Kindest regards sir--Joe (nice) Boy . . .
  3. Hey JB!!!
    How are you?
  4. Hey JB, hope you get better soon! as opposed to ged bedder soon!
  5. I have been running around my friend's yards to say hi etc. Everything okay in your yard my friend? Been kind of sick and out of sync so to speak--chat later M--j
  6. hey JB! is that Joel Grey as in Cabaret, your new avatar?
    or may be it's Lullie's cousin, smiling! i can't quite see, sans glasses!


    jan 14 18:50
    JB i thought i would just add this for a bit of melancholy....
    the inimitable Joel Grey
  7. you didn't wreck the alliteration game....
    when the Moon shines brightly, it is difficult to see / discern the neighbouring stars!

    i don't know, JB i haven't been to the thread today...may be make a comment there for others...i already said if ever there's a match of inter-site 'alliteration' are going to represent BAUT. our number one seed.

    plus don't feel bad, because alliteration comes easy to you. it's a gift.

    i tell you what...if you are so inclined...would you like to try a variation...i just thought. using a/z twenty six letters...each once, and in order only, try construct a sentence / statement...but that might go against and be seen as a heavier wreck...oh never mind....

    have a nice day. you take care JB.

    i am trying to find a job...sooner the better. just that in the UK, things are so screwed up, like elsewhere i's not easy...

    i am aching all over, i mean all over, and will try sleep horizontally tonight.
    i miss my reading glasses, when i'm doing this here....moan moan....
  8. I think I wrecked the "alliteration" game--no one wants to play anymore--I didn't offend anyone did I? Didn't mean to if that is the case--what are you doing today?
  9. How's your cold Joe?
  10. Timely come-back come-back kid!

    Happy Christmas and Happy(ier) New Year!
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