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  1. Andrew...I see that Lisa is prominent on the horizon and a distinguished lady. I didn't know this. I see from wiki., that she's been Chairman of the Board at Westminster City School....that's where my nephew graduated from, last year. and my younger nephew is following in his footsteps from Sept. this year.

    Name dropping a bit more, I gather that Leo Tolstoy's great-grand daughter, went to this school too. Pretty lady too.
  2. Lisa Jardine is Bronowski's daughter and still teaches at Queen Mary College, Uni of London, where I went in the mid-90's. I think she lectured about Shakespeare back then. I tried to fit quotes from the book version of Ascent of Man into my essays on the chance she was the marker. Arf.
  3. Hi Andrew....
    No, I did not know Mr Bronowski. Although like yourself, watched his hypnotic Ascent of Man, with more than keen interest. I am glad to know that his daughter was your teacher. Where was this?

    Life On Earth is a fine documentary...all Attenborough stuff is enthralling.

    I am not familiar with Ken Burns' works, must acquaint myself, ....but I recall, Russell Baker, being involved in a documentary about it. Or could have been about Native Americans. I am fuzzy on this.

    I like, admire, cherish Russell Baker's writings.
  4. "Jacob Bronowski was a lovely man."

    Did you know him? He died before my time but his daughter taught me at college. I'd put Ascent of Man alongside Life on Earth and the Ken Burns' Civil War as the best TV ever.
  5. Yes, I meant the magnigficient Wallace Monument.

    and yes, it's my real name too. named after an Elephant's father...Shiva...Creator of the Universe. Apparently. Some would believe. I do not know/or have met anybody by this name. Though there's is a fantastic tennis player by the same name....specialises in doubles and mixed doubles. won Wimbledon doubles thrice.

    Jacob Bronowski was a lovely man.
  6. It's cool!

    I like a person, who can quote Bronowski!

    Glad to make your acquaintance AndrewJ.

    errrr...about Mel Gibson and Braveheart?!....
    I hope that comment of yours is tongue-in-cheek!
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