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  1. I was Googling around, and I found your comment, which I don't believe I responded to before. Thank You!

    It reminded me that I had been interested in the Making Venus Liveable thread, but it had stalled for awhile, and I had drifted away from it. I returned to it, and decided to leave a couple of new posts.

    Farming Mars is something I think will be done rather soon in our Solar System explorations. There's plenty of land available.

    Some will tell you that it isn't practical, but that's not true. Mars is well-positioned to be the supplier of food. Occupying the space between Mars' surface and the lowest moon orbit, a short-range rotavator will be able to dip through the atmosphere, grapple onto an entire freight container, and lift it directly into orbit.

    You can't do that on Earth, and it doesn't require rocket fuel.

  2. Bob, I read your post in the Making Venus Liveable thread. Under the Life in Space section. That is a very interesting thread, and I really like the idea of using the CO2 as a resource in whatever way possible. I like the idea of having people living all over the solar system and maybe even farther out than that. I like the idea of sending out sparks into the empty regions. There is no telling what sorts of innovations might result.
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