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  1. hello trinitree....
    yeah, i miss Candy too. a lot.
    tried to get in touch with her around her birthday...but she's not responded. may be her blog is de-activated...if that's ever possible.

    i notice that you registered here on her birthday! ha!
    i miss her. she's a real funny lady. great sense of humour. i gather she's got her Master's now. good for her. bless her, she did turn up for dear Mak's, even though she had to tweak herself (brave and cheeky thing...) in somehow.

    nice to hear from you. didn't realise you have such an avid interest in gardening? great. now you can be our resident gardening guru! ah! i see, hence your user id at's taken me a few years to 'twig' it! there's programme on BBC Radio 4, transmitted every sunday afternoon...called Gardeners' Question Time, very informative and fun to listen to. i try to, as much as i can.

    BAUT is richly sprinkled with immense talent. it's good to be here. and good to know you.

    take care. best regards.
  2. hi trinitree
    how are you?
    long time!
    i guess we come here different times
    how are you?
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