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  1. Where is my new friend Nadme--miss her
  2. Hmmmm.

    ::*clears throat, pushes up sleeves, takes a determined stance, concentrates*::


    There. Now you should be a wolf again.

    And if you're not a wolf by Tuesday (when I might return)...I dunno (deal with it?).
  3. Uh-oh. about a strong ZAP!

    ? Now you're a wolf again?
  4. Ya, I know and that panda looks kind of cute too!!
  5. *Poof!*

    I just wished you to be a wolf again.

    But you know, cute little panda bears can bite too.
  6. Hi new friend--when do I get to be a wolf again?? Oh ya, I'll private message you and let you know where to send the Joe (nice) Boy "new friend initiation fee" which I donate to the Joe (party) Boy entertainment charity!! A good cause I assure you . . .
  7. Aw, why do you want to be a wolf when you can be an adorable baby panda bear??
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