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  1. 404 Error - Bug not found.

    Groovy, cheers bud! I'll check that out properly when I get home. Ta!
  2. Sorry to bug, but just lettin u know I posted another song today on youtube for listening at your leisure. Thanks mate.
  3. Nice! I'll send the link home to properly check it out in a couple hours when I get home. I'll pop it on the facebook page for the legions of goons to click on too. Cheers!

    Oh, hey, what is teh most important thing that they check to gauge popularity too? views or subscriptions? I can always set up a youtube account to subscribe - I should probably do that anyway.
  4. Hey, I just posted a new video if your intrested. its here:

  5. Well, thank you too bud, and keep fighting the good fight. You've got plenty of solid reasons to make it good, I'm sure of it. I've got to get busy getting ready for work, but nice to wake up to the message. Catch you later anyway mate! Have a great day!
  6. You are the best. Thank you so much for the kind words and thoughts. It's been a rough year with the addiction issues I shared with you before, but I've turned it around and things are looking up. It's so so so good to have people like you on my side. Thank you.
  7. There are no winners today, but I've received the grand prize. I've felt the raw power of really smooth music!

    I look forward to hearing your work. The tracks at the end of those links were very nice! I've posted them on facebook, and it seems people have followed that yellow brick road and received their heart. The numbers have been climbing over the last hour. You've got killer style mate!

    "Getting By Alone" is a brilliant track! I love it! Beautiful. One day I hope to save up for a holiday and it'd be a blast to come visit, hang out and get to see you perform.

    Anyway, all the best!
  8. Hey bud! Long time no see.

    How have you been anyway? Keeping busy with the weekend shows and all that?

    No need to struggle - happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.
  9. Yo. Off the Cola and struggling. Waz up
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