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  1. Gigabyte
    Yes indeed. Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, drums, wood flute, percussion and some voice.
  2. mahesh
    hi robinson, hi tommac...
    good to be here...

    well i don't play any instruments, my baby flynn, he's learning guitar. i expect him to teach me, and to read music as well.

    i started to learn piano, many moons ago. somehow got led astray. and when moving homes, i gave it (an upright) to a friend, as she was a budding pianist and could put it better use, than i did.

    live music i adore.

    talented, robinson!
    what about you, tommac?

    ps: i better dash...have to take Lullie for 'walkies', before sundown. last few days the sunsets from our neighbourhood, have been beautiful.
    robinson, i'll tell you about the albums saga later.
  3. MMarroquin1024
    I think someone else said something similar to my answer. Yes I play Bass (4,5,6,7 Strings), Guitar (Electric and Acoustic), Piano (Keyboards I should have said) Percussions (Congas, Bongos, Xylophone...Wait, isn't piano Percussive too?) and some Vocals (most Harmonic)...Robinson: YOU BEAT ME!!!! I can't play wind instruments, not one, I get dizzy as hell.
  4. mahesh
    hi MMarroquin1024....welcome . to BAUT and this group!
    ooh, it feels good to be in such talented company......
  5. MMarroquin1024
    Thanks mahesh...Wait, is this the only group on B.A.U.T. that is not about astronomy?
    Does anyone in this group have an Idea of how to mix music (the physics of) and astronomy to come up with an analogy of some sort?...I for one don't, if you do please post it, it might help musicians like me understand astronomy better, or astronomers understand music better.
    Once again. Thank You.
  6. Gigabyte
    I played Trombone and Baritone in high school band, the marching band as well. 5 years of marching band. The good part with trombone is you were always at the front. Marched in a Super Bowl Parade.

    Oh the stories I could tell about that trip.

    Sold the trombone after I got an electric guitar, quit marching, all hail Led Zep man. James Gang, Skynard, ZZ Top, rock and roll.

    Played Pro in bars for a while. It was hell.
  7. Gigabyte
    Hello? Is this thing on??
  8. Chip
    Currently I play an old Roland keyboard linked via fairly new Mac OSX to the "MOTU" (Mark of the Unicorn) symphonic instrument -which is basically a sampling of every instrument in a studio orchestra playing every note in every articulation. I've written for live orchestras but these days it is just too expensive to afford rehearsal time, so I am trying to master this synthesized orchestra. I can then either release the music I've composed for it or send samples to conductors who might conduct live performances of my scores. I have two degrees in music composition.
  9. mahesh
    hi chip
    thanks for dropping by...two degrees, eh? that's fabulous!
    keep the chords strumming......
    see you soon
  10. mahesh
    yes, Marroquin, for now, looks like this here is the 'only' group.
    i think that facebook et al., (forever in ones face) has similar popular facilties. i've never been there, though.
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