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  1. mahesh
    i am still trying to find my way around here....i just posted a couple of links re music, my post seems to have 'disappeared'.

    sniff sniff
  2. suntrack2
    Flute is my favorite instrument to play sometime, since my school time. I think music is a real creativity of a man on earth, it heals the minds well.

  3. mahesh
    aha suntrack...there you are! welcome to the music group!
    yes i agree, Flute is a beautiful instrument.
    amazing that an exhalation of one's breath, rightly guided, can create, such 'goose-bumpy' music.

    One of my favourite flute recordings is John Renbourn's rendition of Scarborough Fair! in his gorgeous album The Lady and the Unicorn.

    ...and there's another piece of music, flute and piano, ah, glorious rendition, of an ancient bhajan i came across at an ashram, some years's (the raga's) name escapes me right now. i'll come back on it. hope.

    just thinking about it, i can hear it in the back of my mind... just now, it's giving me goose-bumps.
  4. suntrack2
    Mahesh,In our HRD last year, the expert told me that "how a flute music is beneficial for our brain".I told him that I always practice this thing at my home. you will ask me how that works!
    close your eyes, keep your both palm on your both eyes, then seat calmly on a 90 degree chair in front of a table, then bend your body and keep your forehead on the table, listen the music for 5 minutes of a flute eighter the video audio or a simple audio, your all tensions will go out from your brain, I have practiced the same, hence in such way the flute music assist our neurological system, if we work better on that.

  5. mahesh
    Chip, hi...MMarroquin...hi

    i wondered if you have bumped into this here, at BAUT...
    escusay......still tryin' to negotiate my way around editorially speaking.
    keeps saying BB code quote not it's rather 'bare' and limp

    An Absolutely beautiful song by andy Mckee. called Drifting.
    i have never seen any one play guitar so beautifully, casually, masterfully.
    there are a few others of mckee's at youtube. glorious.

    suntrack... you better get that guitar sorted out, pronto. for yourself and your daughter too.
  6. masonicboom
    Hoping to regain my dormant talent for the guitar someday, preferably sooner. It has been sitting there for quite a while since the last time I played :-(
  7. mahesh
    masonic...yes...please do that...
  8. suntrack2
    once upon a time when I had been to one church in my city where I attend the marriage of my frien'd sister, there I tried to handle the guitar that time on the nearby stage, I tried to take that in the position, and started to press the buttons by my left hand on the strip and on the 4-5 wires I tried to create a noise by the nails just by touching it, on the mike the noise was really charmed me, though there was no particular song I tried, but whatever I create through the fingers on the guitar that was amazing, one guitar expert said at that time later. I think any song cannot be much decorate without the instrumental music, so music is really a great medium to express our art by delivering the sounds with the sorts of intensities on that instrument, guitar is a fine instrument. Today there are least people in this world who are playing Accordian. We have seen the descent gathering on the titanic board when the 4 people were playing the violine (infact that time titanic was sinking) but they were really busy in their play.
  9. Eric Vaxxine
    Eric Vaxxine
    New here. A guitarist myself, reasonably accomplished, Zappa fan largely, schooled upon 1970's players like Kossoff, Beck, Page, Hendrix etc. Mahesh suggested I get joined up with y'all.
  10. Eric Vaxxine
    Eric Vaxxine
    Feel free to type


    into YouTube for some guitar snippets I've posted.

    Not anything amazing......just for interest.
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