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  1. suntrack2
    I have seen your "guitar avatar", quite funtastic, you are completely concentrating on the guitar buttons and on the rhythm. Tyak-chik tyak-chik,toooooooouooon.

    Enjoying your post
  2. suntrack2
    I think robinson's avatars are just keeping a "rhythmic sense every time, last time there was quite nice,this time black and white. Interesting Robinson, Robinson if we all the members united together we can make a nice orchestra or band !!

    Playing music album of this orchestra will be a great thing if we play the CD on the Mars surface. yummy.

  3. Eric Vaxxine
    Eric Vaxxine
    My two main electric guitars are a 1962 Fender Stratocaster and a
    1973 Les Paul Deluxe. I gig with them all the time, they are not
    precious housebound beasts. I have two acoustics, a 1985 Fender Malibu
    and a 1983 Gibson Dove.

    I'm interested to know what you folks work with!
  4. mahesh
    vaxxine, pardon me, but those nice names of guitars, unfortunately, hardly mean anything to me.

    apart from the stratospheric bender wait, that's Stratocaster Fender. sounds like a high flying jet plane...wasn't Gary Powers / U2 plane making headlines around that time...1962?
    U2...nice plane, nice group.

    i thought The Shadows would most likely use some thing awesome like a Fender Stratocaster.

    That's great vaxxine that you use it routinely, you fender-bender.
    sounds like a rich, great antique, shades of a Stradi.....despite what you say...

    i'll try catch a gig or two of yours and co. and maybe bring along my baby (if that's okay?...also i'll see, time-wise!)....our budding guitarist/musician...may be he could pick up some stuff from you...enthusiasm for a start.
  5. mahesh
    Chip, hi...

    how's 'compositioning' going?

    i really just want to immerse myself in some incredible sounds ...recitals from Håkan Hagegård and co...for the next few weeks....and think about the cosmic dances...Jupiter and the moons?

    How about you?

    and you guys, my friends here...

    Merry Christmas to y'all....
  6. suntrack2
    so let us start right now, I am on guitar, mahesh on accordian, robinson on flute, eric vaxxine on tambola, tommac on bassdrum
    , chip on harmoniam, amateur on clarinet and masonicboom on synthesiser and MMarroquin1 on casio, 1-2-3 start orchestra:
    Thaaad, thaaad, dhik chik dhik chunnnnanan dishhhhhhh, tik tik tik tik tun tun tik thaaad thaaad, dhik chik dhick dishaaaaao.
  7. Nicolas
    I play synthesizers, (theatre/home) organs, keyboards, some acoustic guitar, some electric guitar (both limited) and I can get some notes out of recorders (the flute, that is) and acoustic fretless bass guitars (only false notes, but notes). Oh, and I have a drum computer as well.
  8. Nicolas

    My electric guitar is a 1998 Epiphone Junior Model (Les Paul Junior that is), back from the days this epiphone was more expensive than the cheapest Gibson from today; it also features a small "Gibson" tag on the neck and has a real P90. So for a cheapo, a very nice one. I play it through a Line6 Pocket Pod.

    My organ is a Philips Philicorda GM751 (transistor version). My synthesizer is a Korg MS2000. I also have a Casio SK-1 oldskool lofi sampler. My master keyboard is a Roland A50, mainly connected to an Audigy² that uses the PC's RAM as soundfont-keyboard. My Drum computer is a Boss DR-550.

    My recorder is a Moeck. My acoustic guitar is an unknown "black horse", but sounds nice, special. It's a Spanish guitar. Which makes the Rare Earth pickup in it rather pointless... My acoustic bass guitar is a DIY thing.

    Oh and I have a Ross 24 channel mixer to put it all together. Since I moved in August, only the Philicorda and the Epiphone have been plugged in though, as the music room isn't finished yet.
  9. mahesh
    welcome aboard Nicolas...
  10. Nicolas
    Given the activity in this group, I suggest "The Tumbleweed Trophee" as a BAUT band name
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