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  1. Nicolas
    I've changed my instrument setup a bit, and built my home studio. It hasn't got room for the guitars yet, but once everything is finished (it still has the awful old wallpaper...), they will stay there too. Except for the electric, as it matches with the interior of the living room beautifully.

    I've swapped the Boss drum computer for a Roland Tr-626. I've now got a Yamaha SY22 synthesizer for strings and pads (Moby uses it a lot for those purposes) and I no longer use the Korg MS-2000, as I now have an analog modular synthesizer.

    Quite some changes, but I love the results! I still have some work with buying and making the right cables to connect everything, but I'm slowly getting there.
  2. Nicolas

    Small live improvisation demo of my studio. Suntrack2 asked for synthesizers, well here they are.

    In the demo you hear all synthesizers/organs/whatevers you see on the photo's, except for the Kurzweil Micropiano. The reason is that I'm still waiting for the adaptor for that one...

    More details can be found on youtube.

    As said there: this is not a musical statement, just a demo of my studio.
  3. Nicolas
    And even though the current studio setup is still warm, already some changes are on their way: the Philicorda will be sold and replaced by the most modern, portable (luggable) analog Yamaha Electone organ, the C-605P from 1982. I'll mainly use it for its sweet flutes, strings etc.

    Furthermore, I'm in the process of trading the Korg MS2000 for an analog Roland JX-3P with its programmer. If that works out, that'll be six instead of four keyboards in a row.

    Quite full for such a small room I hear you say? Well, the Yamaha organ should fit; I measured it and I'll have about 1cm spare if I move things a bit.

    I'm shifting a lot towards analog gear, but it's not a holy grail for me. I love the digital pads and strings from the Yamaha SY-22. I love the ROM samples of the MicroPiano (still awaiting its adaptor...). Having both analogs and digitals maximizes the sonic pallette of the studio. Sweet analog from the Yamaha, freaky analog from the modular, powerful analog from the JX-3P (hopefully...), and some digital sources to top it all off. I'll spend many hours in that studio in the future!
  4. mahesh
    Hey Nicholas...that's a good one! most impressive thing i've seen this side of Phantom of the Opera ! kidding!
    why are you standing up, playing Mike Oldfield? I know you mention about one centimetre.....

    Thanks for sharing the M O rendition!
    excuse my ignorance...did i not detect a vestige of something to do with The Exorcist?

    may be my imagination....

    thanks anyway Nicholas
  5. Gigabyte
    Very cool.
  6. Nicolas
    @ Mahesh: That Mike Oldfield medley is an old one. I didn't have a seat back then. And I usually play standing up. Certainly in the current studio; I can't reach all keys from one spot.

    The Exorcist used the opening theme from Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield, so it's quite normal that you recognized it.

    I'll make a new video when the studio is finished with the new instruments. I might make another Mike Oldfield medley as well. I'll include Moonlight Shadow and Top of the Morning.
  7. Nicolas
    Studio update:

    Some extra synths, some stuff gone.
  8. mahesh
    Good stuff, Nicolas!
    I wouldn't know the diff, though.
    Over the recent years, my exposure to a keyboard, consists of a plastic, foldable (hence brilliantly portable, into a size of a regular hardback..) 'beach towel with keys', I bought for our baby when he was can unfurl / unfold it on the floor...and away you go. ...It has many many features... fascinating thingie it is.
    For under thirty quid, it is a brilliant piece of an attempt at a keyboard. Lovely.

    Your equipment is gazillion times, up, from what I am used to Nicolas...
    very nice.
  9. tommac
    who is your favorite musician and why. As a bass player I love John Paul Jones from led zep and also Paul McCartney who is a very underated bass player.
  10. tommac
    That studio is awesome ... where you located ?
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