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  1. Nicolas
    I live in Belgium.

    I've made loads of recordings in my new studio (it's awesome for fast productions, everything available yet PC-less functioning). Here's one I share with the world:

    More information can be found in the youtube link. It's aerospace related.

    An older, more experimental demo of my studio can be found here:

  2. mahesh
    Hey Nicolas...
    Bet, you've heard this umpteen times...can't resist it...

    what did the synthesiser say at the confessional?..
    ...Forgive me, for I have synthed...
  3. Nicolas
    Thank you, I was still looking for something to paint on the walls (they need to be completely repainted anyway). A "Forgive me, for I have synthed" would look nice on the synth wall. 8-)
  4. NickW
    Nicolas, nice studio!

    BTW, I play some guitar, sax, piano, and a little bit of trumpet.
  5. mahesh
    Hey Nicolas, hey guys...
    thought I'd share this with....

    NickW welcome. Hey, another BAUT musician. Great.

    Stephane Eliot, merci beaucoup.
  6. mahesh
    This bunch of guys aren't bad either....
  7. Nicolas
    I've traded the broken Siel Orchestra synth for a working classic: Yamaha DX7, first version. Lovely thing, and contrary to the rumours not hard to program at all. Sure, it's menus + data slider, but the menus are only one level deep so that's easy. And dedicated parameter buttons for everything, which reduces the menu scrolling to none at all. Lovely. And FM synthesis isn't that hard, though sometimes slightly unpredictable to the untrained user (moi). I can slightly predict the sound of the different algorithms, but don't ask me the "way to go" to create a nice Rhodes or bell patch with it...
  8. mahesh
    sorry Nicolas...interrupt your flow...
    but i would like to bring in my sweetheart from many moons ago.. here...Elkie Brooks...great voice, lovely singer...
    makes me goose-bumpie all over.....
  9. mahesh
    i just remembered Harry Nilsson too...
    must make a note to listen to his album a little schmilsson in the night.
    my favourite, one of my...

    great singer harry...thanks buddy for your magic...
    in the meantime...just this classic for now...

    shucks...can't believe it's been forty years....forty years ..forty...
  10. JazzyDrummer
    Hey there! I am new to the group and wanted to touch base and say hi. I am a drummer, vocals, and some bass. I also write Lyrics and some composing
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