What are you drinking?

  1. tommac
    What are you drinking?
  2. uncommonsense
    Vodka and Ginger Ale
  3. galactic cannibal
    galactic cannibal
    wine wine and more wine. Then I go outside with my night vision goggles to look for UFOs and I never see any. Such a bummer!
  4. profloater
    Gin: I would like opinions: I must admit I usually buy cheap gin but I was given a bottle of expensive Hendrick's Gin from Scotland. I have just performed a taste comparison using Schweppes tonic.
    The H gin is 41.4% as opposed to 37.5% Tesco gin. I can detect more flavour, slightly bitter in the Scots gin but for me not worth the considerable price difference and if you add lemon or cucumber (as recommended by the H bottle, the taste is very close indeed, mostly tonic obviously. Has anyone tried fancy gins?
  5. Immortan Furiosa
    Immortan Furiosa
    It is the botanicals that make the difference. Fancy gins taste very different, try Hendricks with cucumber or Edinburgh Gin with orange zest, you should notice a difference.
  6. Immortan Furiosa
    Immortan Furiosa
    Of course I'm hammered on cheap Spanish red at the moment. No-one talks about drinks club because no-one remembers drinks club . . .
  7. Immortan Furiosa
    Immortan Furiosa
    Booze Club dammit!
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